Aromatic Rice

Grain Drill Planting Rice Seed  

In the early spring, our fields are plowed and leveled. Planting takes place on a dry seed bed.


Early Stage

As the rice matures, the water level is increased. This is called "stretch water". This technique aids in weed control and promotes growth.


Young Rice in Flooded Rows

When the new rice reaches 5 to 6 inches, the field is flooded with a couple of inches of water, taking care not to submerge the plants.



Water is kept on the fields the entire growing season and must be monitored daily.


Ready for Harvest

The water is drained just before harvest to allow the soil to dry. Here Meredith and Campbell Coxe inspect their new crop.



Harvest takes place in early fall. The rice grains are air-dried in grain bins, and then milled shortly thereafter.